10 Tips to Improve Your Self Esteem

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Striving to improve our self esteem is on everybody’s mind. It doesn’t matter if you actively pursue this goal or you subconsciously working on improving your self esteem. The problem with this is that you really don’t know exactly what you want to improve. You’re acting intuitively on external signals. Do you know how to improve your self esteem? Probably not. To make it a little bit easier for you and to achieve your goals quicker I put together 10 tips that you can utilize right away. 1. Build up your self-esteem. You must take an inventory. What do you want to improve or change about the way you interact with others? Try to make only one change at a time. Always check you progress before making another change. 2. Celebrate your journey, not your destination. Learn to always feel good about where you are now, and to exude self-confidence about anywhere you might find yourself tomorrow. 3. Set clear goals for yourself before every interaction. Know what you want. Think about how the people you will be meeting can help you reach those goals. Then decide how to approach each person accordingly. Apply this regularly and you will notice a difference. 4. Be proactive. Take the initiative. Be decisive. Let the other person know exactly how he or she can help you. Proactive people tent to be more successful in their career. 5. Treat each person you meet as if she or he is truly important. (You'll be amazed how this works.) 6. Give a firm handshake; look the other person straight in the eye. Practice both of these. Your handshake should be just right. Not too firm and not too loose. Train yourself to notice something you like or find attractive in the person. 7. Listen! Listen! Listen! Teach yourself to develop good listening skills. Learn a way to remember the other person's name. If in doubt simply ask for the name again 2 or 3 sentences into the conversation. 8. Visibly respond to the other person. Smile, nod agreement, and address him or her by name. Apply all you listening skills to visibly respond. The body language is the most important part of a conversation. Practice, practice, practice… 9. Pay more attention to the other person than to yourself. Are you responding to what may be going on in his or her life? Don't filter out bad news. Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Be caring. 10. Stay "in the moment." Don't mentally cut off the other person. Don't reload while he or she is speaking. What this means is that you need to focus on the other person 100% during a conversation. Anything less is considered rude. Next time you meet somebody new look out for these behaviors. Put a mental checkmark on the each of the 10 tips and see how well this person scored. Chances are that the person scored very high if you tent to like her/him. On the contraire the person probably scored low if you don’t seem to connect. The more you practice the more likely you will create a positive aura which is commonly known as charisma. To step up to become a charismatic personality it takes more than just these 10 tips. Creating a positive aura will benefit you in every thing you do. You will create a warmer ambience with your family. You will be more successful in your career. Even while trying to meet a partner of the opposite sex you will notice a difference on how people perceive you. Unfortunately a small article can’t do justice on the wide spectrum of creating a positive aura and developing a charismatic personality. You will get the complete picture and step by step explanations in Race Kale’s new book “The Power of Charisma”.
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A simple yet very powerful way to beat your negative emotions

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Negative emotions, like insecurity, fear, despair, discouragement, frustration, anger, deception can pollute your life. Throughout the day, you experience all kinds of emotions, some are positive and others are negative and painful.Feeling positive emotions, like happiness or peace is a choice, isn't it? Negative emotions are choices as well. Consciously or unconsciously, you choose to generate a feeling.When you feel negative about yourself or an outside event, you can say to yourself: "I am in a bad mood" or a better way to say it is: "I choose to be in a bad mood". This statement gives you more freedom and responsibility, don't you think?This freedom and responsibility can help you choose whether you want to immediately change the kind of emotions you're experiencing or not. It is your choice to totally master your thoughts and eventually master your personal life.Here are the following three steps to get rid of negative emotions, simply but powerfully. With some practice, you can apply it successfully in seconds. This technique is called the cloud technique.So the next time, you experience a negative emotion, apply these three little steps:1. The cloud symbol.First, make a representation of the negative emotion as a cloud. Notice its shape, colour and how it moves? The representation for example could be a big, black cloud that moves around you.2. Blow the cloudStep out of the cloud and leave it where you were standing. Look at it, asking yourself the following questions "Is this emotion useful for me right now?" or "Is this emotion helping me as I communicate?" Now you’re going to take a deep breath and blow at the cloud which will dissolve before you or float up into the blue sky and disappear. Notice how the negative emotion goes away as well.3. Feel greatFinally, decide what you want to replace your negative emotion. Choose a new positive emotion to try such as love, kindness, peace, friendship, confidence, humour or curiosity. Imagine another cloud or a door that will represent your positive feeling. Then step into the cloud or the open door and see how you feel. By then, you should be calm, at peace or full of love. This is your choice.This technique can be surprising at first, due to its simplicity. When you are stuck in a negative mood, it may seem like you have no choice. When you use this technique, you will be more aware of your power to change your thoughts, emotions and even your life. You will be more conscious of your inner gift, which is your free agency or your freedom to choose.Changing your emotions in a blink of an eye is possible. It is also a choice you can make consciously. Don't let your emotions control you. You can master your life by mastering what happens inside of you. The more you apply this technique, you more you will feel great and the more you will be success in your life.
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Three Ways Music Can Help You To Lose Weight

Music is the key to the soul. It can lift you up and put a smile on your face or alternatively it can bring you down and reduce you to tears. Music is powerful and fortunately you can use it to help with your weight loss.

The interesting thing about music is that the same track or song can induce different emotions in different people. If you met the love of your life during a particular song, then you probably enjoy it and feel happy when you hear it played on the radio. Another person may have been cruelly dumped by their boyfriend during that same song, played at the same time somewhere else in the world, chances are this song brings back all that pain and hurt the breakup caused.

Have you ever played upbeat music loudly when working out or been to a nightclub and found yourself dancing all night because the music was so good? Music not only generates positive emotions but it can also help to motivate you. Music can bring out the best in all of us, it makes you feel good and encourages us to move or dance. So how can music help you to lose weight?

Here are my top three tips to use music with your diet.

1. Choose your favourite music album and as soon as you wake up in the morning put it on. Listen to it as you have breakfast and get ready for your day. It will put a spring in your step and help you to be positive, you will feel capable of anything and that feel-good feeling will carry you through the day. Being positive and happy makes you much more motivated and you will find sticking to your diet easy.

2. Put music in your car. Listening to the radio can help to relax you after a hard days work. If you get home stressed out and grumpy, you are much more likely to go to the cupboard and overeat. Play music in the car, as loud as you like and have a good sing. Putting all your frustrated energy into singing will help you feel relaxed and give your mood a much needed boost. You will get home refreshed and energetic rather than exhausted and feeling down.

3. If in the evening you are bored watching television you will find yourself going to the cupboard to snack on foods. This is a really bad time for all dieters. Turn off the television and put some music on, do your household chores, have a dance with your children, play games or invite friends over for coffee. Not only are you not overeating but you are also spending quality time with your family or friends.

I cannot tell you which is the best song to listen to or even which album motivates people the most. The choice is yours. It will be different for everyone and will probably depend on many factors, age, taste in music, life events, lifestyle, etc. What I can say is have a good look through your music collection and choose several albums, this way you won’t get bored too easily and will enjoy the music. Try listening to songs you used to love when you were younger, it brings back happy memories and encourages you to lose those extra pounds

Think about buying a personal walkman or an MP3 player, both are small are portable ways to listen to music when you out and about. It might even motivate you into going for a long walk.Get some fresh air into your lungs and enjoy it. Don’t look at it as exercise, it is simply getting out of the house to stretch your legs.

Good luck with your slimming and I hope the music tips help you with your weight loss.

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Are These 3 Foods Making You Fat?

By: Chelsie Mecham

It's easy to let yourself be fooled into thinking the things you eat are healthy. Foods dressed in crafty packaging lead you to believe they will help you lose weight.

But do they?

The truth is that most of the time the only thing special about the so-called healthy food product is the clever marketing. Have you been fooled by the following foods?

So-Called Healthy Food #1:
SALAD Who doesn't get a self-righteous feeling when ordering a salad, right? Salads are healthy, and salads equal weight loss. Unfortunately, not anymore.

Salad in and of itself is a wonderful, healthy food. It is filled with nutrients and untouched by artificial additives. If only we left it at that.

Most salads on the menu today are loaded with fat laden extras. Croutons, tortilla strips, nuts, and even fried chicken (not the best source of protein). And let's not forget the salad dressing.

While you know that salad dressing isn't very healthy, you may not be aware of the staggering number of fat calorie packed in these dressings. Most people add between a quarter to a half a cup of dressing to their salad, and with the average creamy salad dressing weighing in at 8-12 grams of fat per tablespoon, you can see how an innocent collection of greens can quickly turn into a spare tire.

So-Called Healthy Food #2:
100 CALORIE PACKS In the snack section of your local grocery store you've probably seen the attractively packaged "100 Calorie Packs." These light and airy snack packs send a subtle message that they are healthy and in line with your desire to drop the fat. I mean, how harmful can they be? Let's take a look at the snacks within the package. Here are the most popular:

Oreo cookies Ritz snack mix Planter's peanut butter cookies Cheese Nips crackers Chips Ahoy cookies Shortbread cookie Hmmm, that list sounds like junk food-doesn't it? These items are high in sugar, salt and fat, and they don't contain a grain of nutritional value. And let's be honest, most people don't eat just one pack...

So-Called Healthy Food #3:
CEREAL Can a box of cereal help you lose weight? That's the message being sent out by a handful of cereal brands, namely Special K. This cereal manufacturer has gone so far as to create the Special K Challenge, a program which claims to help drop 6 pounds in 2 weeks. The message that most consumers take away from the cereal commercials is "If I eat this brand of cereal then I will lose weight."

Wait, don't grab a bowl of your favorite cereal along with your skinny jeans just yet.

It's dangerous to think that any food item will promote weight loss, especially a food item that is high in simple carbohydrates. In the fine print you will see that the cereal claims to help lose weight when incorporated with a very low calorie diet, and that the cereal itself has no weight loss inducing power.

Making the Healthy Choice As a rule of thumb ignore the bold claims on food packaging-the information you really need is listed on the nutrition label. Finding healthy food is simple when you use the following guidelines.

Eat Fresh: The healthiest food in the world is fresh, unprocessed whole foods. This includes fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains and legumes, and raw seeds and nuts. These fresh foods supply your body with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are priceless to your health. When it comes to meat, poultry and dairy choose products that are grass fed and hormone and antibiotic free.

Set Limits: Let's be honest. Just because something is edible doesn't mean you should eat it. A key to healthy eating is to identify which items to limit or even eliminate from your diet.

Cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends that you limit your intake of cholesterol from food to less than 300 milligrams per day.

Saturated Fat. Your intake of saturated fat should be less than 7% of your total daily calories. Trans Fat. It is recommended that you either eliminate trans fat from your diet or keep it under 1% of your total daily calories.

Sugar. Most of us consume way more sugar than we should. Make a habit of checking the ingredient list of the foods you eat. If sugar is the first listed ingredient then you know that item is packed with sugar.

Look at the whole picture: A healthy diet consists of taking in a combination of fats, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals each day. Remember that eating too much of even healthy foods can lead to weight gain. All of the foods that you eat should fit together to form a well-balanced, calorie controlled diet.

The bottom line is that you should eat to live not live to eat. Your body will thank you for it.

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