The Most Popular Diets

The most popular list changes over time, but these are currently the most popular diet fads or myths out there. Many changes have been made to what was once considered to be sound dietary advice. the most popular diets on the market: Atkins, Jenny Craig, Ornish, NutriSystem, Slim Fast, South Beach, Subway, Sugar Busters!, Weight Watchers and ZoneYour body naturally slows your metabolism while you sleep, you are still burning calories. Foods that take longer to digest actually burn more calories in the process of their own digestion.Zone Diet - The Zone Diet has consistently remained one of the most popular diet search terms over the last 4 or 5 years. It is so much easier to eat fresh foods paying attention to portion sizes and giving in to the ocassional decadent delicacy along with exercise. The most popular diet choice for men is the good old low-carb/high-protein Atkins approach. A quick-fix diet isn't typically successful in the long-run for either men or women. The best diet plan is the one you can stick with. The body metabolizes carbohydrates first; cut down on carbs, and your body will burn fat. So you can eat all the protein and fat you want and still shed pounds. As studies have come out promoting chocolate as a supplement to a healthy diet, the chocolate diet has come out as well. This diet focuses on decreased calorie consumption with liquid chocolate diet shakes. It acts as a vitamin replacement, and although effective in the short term, has not been found to stimulate metabolism or burn fat, as the diet claims. Rather, any weight lost is a direct effect of decreased caloric intake. The second is the Negative Calorie Foods Cookbook. It offers three negative calorie diet programs and includes a great negative calorie food cookbook. It's designed to help increase your sluggish metabolism.Juice diets or the grapefruit diet: fruit is so yummy, isn't it? Until that's all you get for a couple of days. You will be irritable, cranky, and possibly get a good case of the runs. You will lose weight and possibly a few friends. These diets are again for short-term immediate results and quick awesome regain of weight. They will not put you on the road to long-term, reasonable, and healthy weight loss and maintenance. Diet pills are dangerous, even if they are herbal, and they simply do not address the issues that cause you to overeat. Beware illegal pharmacies giving prescriptions over the Internet. At best you will get a fake placebo for a lot of money, at worst you will harm your heart or have a stroke due to the stimulant effects of many of these drugs. Eating sensibly has never been so easy with diets like the GI diet, Weight Watchers and Slimming World. They provide healthy eating guidelines for life and don't leave you feeling denied. Foods that are low in calories, but high in fiber and other vitamins, will keep you satisfied and healthy while you lose weight. Danish Quality Diet was tested and approved by Danish hospitals and clinics and was used to help thousands of people to lose weight. The goal of Danish Quality diet is to help a patient lose at least 10 pounds in 13 days. The National Institutes of Health and university medical centers around the nation have spent many years and millions of dollars to test the Atkins diet versus the South Beach, the American Heart Association diet versus the Zone. Detox diets - These diets are based on the theory that our bodies are continually subjected to toxins such as pesticides, food additives, high fat foods and alcohol. Detoxification takes these toxins out of the body. The length of the diet can vary but the main food groups included are organic fruit, vegetables, juices, herbal teas, rice and drinking lots and lots of water.
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Super Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss

New research suggests that drinking two glasses of skim milk or eating two cups of yogurt or one serving of cheese per day may produce weight-loss with no actual reduction of the calories in your diet. It appears that the mineral calcium burns stored fat, while promoting the buildup of more muscle tissue. This unique combination of calcium and protein, which is present in milk, yogurt, and cheese, helps the body to bum fat and store protein. Remember, nonfat milk and low-fat cheeses, and non-fat or low-fat yogurts have the same minerals, vitamins, protein, and calcium as whole milk without the added fat content.Several new studies have shown that people who regularly drink skim milk and eat yogurt lose an average of 1 1/2 pounds per month, with no change whatsoever in their diets. It is believed that calcium decreases the stores of fat in the fat cells by actually burning stored fat. Also, it is thought that the protein present in milk, yogurt, and cheese replaces the fat stored in the fat cells by its unique process of providing extra protein to the body's cells. This protein is used by the body's cells as the natural building blocks to activate all of the body's cells, tissues, and organs' metabolic functions. A recent study at the University of Tennessee suggests that the calcium found in these foods actually blocks fat storage in the cells that plump up your abdomen, thighs, and hips. Another similar study reported in Quebec showed that taking at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day increases the good (HOL) cholesterol and decreases the bad (LOL) cholesterol. And as far as your diet is concerned, fat-free milk contains 220 milligrams of calcium and only 80 calories per glass.What better snack food than a glass of skim milk could you find, that lowers your cholesterol and reduces your waist size at the same time? When you combine these new findings with lowering the total fat intake in your diet, which naturally cuts calories, and by adding a moderate exercise program, you have the ideal weight reduction, fat-burning tip. Other high-calcium and fat-burning foods include cheese, tofu, nonfat cottage cheese, spinach and collard greens, and calcium-fortified fiuit juices; however, be careful of the high sugar content in fruit juices.Soy Products (Soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu, etc.)Soy contains natural phyto-nutrients called isoflavones. These plant chemicals break down the fat, which is stored in your body's fat cells. Several studies have confirmed that the consumption of soy products on a regular basis helps dieters bum fat and lose weight without any other alteration in their diets.These isoflavones present in soy also have been shown to reduce the incidence of heart disease. In addition to helping you lose weight by breaking down the stored fat in your body, isoflavonesalso break down saturated fat in your blood, thus lowering the LOL bad cholesterol. Soy products are good for the heart and great for your figure.
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Eat to increase your metabolism.

Some of you may think that you cannot eat to lose weight .The fact is you have to eat in moderation to lose weight.

By not eating,your metabolism will decrease and it`ll be harder for you to lose might even gain weight.

It`s actually been scientifically proven that eating chili can increase you metabolism.So learn to eat and love chili.

Other than chili,green tea is said to flush out toxin and boost your metabolism.


Womens Plus Size Clothing Style Guide

For an effective and easy shopping experience for a plus size woman we recommend the following advice. Hopefully this will give women a carefree way to buy clothes that are beautiful, stylish and look great.

Buy clothing that is comfortable and makes you look your best
Ditch the sweat pants and slacks and trade in for clothes that are just as comfortable and will accentuate curves and heighten style. Choose shoes that are comfortable and if you want wear shoes with a heel, as these will make the person feel taller and stand up straight which means a great posture too. Keep in mind the colors you prefer when selecting clothes. Take note of styles that flatter and fit your shape. Look for similar fabrics, styles and shapes when shopping. For a comfortable bra, get refitted when buying a good selection of new bras as the shape can change over time and different requirements may be sought after. Wear a boatneck style top to highlight your shoulders and neckline and will also contour the waist. Avoid this top is you have broad shoulders.

Large handbags are best when buying new accessories. They will flatter shape and carry your daily items easily. Strapless bags can stop the bag brushing the body if this is what is preferred. Avoid clingy clothes that will distort your figure and avoid baggy clothes for the same reason. Choose clothes that accentuate the bust with V-neck tops and also light fabrics are great for creating a stylish, breezy look. Create an interesting look by wearing tops and bottoms with the same shade of color but with different fabrics. This will create a clean lined look that will contour your body shape. Enhance the bust with bright color shirts and create curves around the hip with dark pants and skirts. Match shoes and pantyhose with the same shades of color for a great look with pants or skirts.

Contour your shape with clothing
Vertical lines can add shape and definition in the top half of the body. This can be done with a cute cardigan or blazer with undone buttons; this look will also lengthen your shape. Avoid horizontal lined clothes as this makes the body appear wider. Use vertical lined clothes to heighten the body. Balance the look of the body with skirts that are knee length or longer. With fashion in mind, avoid the latest craze of wide belts as they will cut the figure in half and distort the clothing. An undergarment will create smooth bodylines under the clothes and keep you warm.

Classic fashions for your wardrobe
A wrap styled dress is great for all body shapes and figures. They are sexy and very stylish as they wrap the body and accentuate the best features. Wrap skirts is very sexy and can be work night or day. Pants designed with bootleg cut in a dark wash are very versatile and can work any shape. For a flattering cut, bootleg or wide leg jeans or pants are recommended. Black is a great color for a coat as this color works with just about all other colors. Skirts with a quarter length cut are great for a formal occasion. Tailored jackets work great with dresses and pants. For a slim look, try skinny shouldered jackets. Accessories are great for adding style to an outfit. Try belts, jewellery and scarfs that will keep you warm and looking great.

Every wardrobe should have most of the following items for a great recipe for a very fashionable and classic look.
Two pairs of pants and two skirts; with one in a print or check and one in a solid color. Two simple tops with one in a solid color and one in the same print. Four tops in the colors which work best with the solids and one jacket in a solid color or simple cardigan. With all of these items in no time you will have a timeless and perfect look. Create a new and exciting look each day by mix and matching items. Keep the clothes to three basic colors if you want your accessories to match with your wardrobe. Choose quality clothes rather than quantity, this enables you to have a wardrobe that will last longer and include styles that will look great with years to come.


How to Lose Belly Fat – Avoid These Myths to Lose Belly Fat Effectively

Many people have the wrong ideas on how to lose belly fat. As a consequence, they get fatter instead of leaner. Then they get frustrated and sabotage their fitness plan. In this article, we’ll unravel the 3 myths you absolutely must avoid if you want to be slim and fit, as well as some effective tips on how to lose belly fat.Myth: Starving yourself can help you lose belly fat. Fact: Reducing your food intake drastically is not only detrimental to your health and well-being, but it’s also one way to gain belly fat. Sounds ironic, but it’s true. Some people endure long periods of food deprivation, thinking that this can help them lose their belly fat. Then when they can’t take their hunger anymore, they binge. This is a surefire way to get that unwanted flab! Your body needs food to continuously be in a “burning” metabolic state. Not eating will only slow down your metabolism. The best solution is to eat 5 to 6 times a day, but eat meals in smaller portions. This way, your body would be able to effectively obtain energy from the food you eat instead of storing them as body fat.Myth: Not getting enough sleep can help you lose belly fatFact: Not only is it unhealthy, but not getting enough sleep can affect your bodily functions. When your system is not performing properly, your body won’t have the same capacity to burn your belly fat during physical activity as when you have a full night’s sleep. Around 6 to 7 hours is sufficient enough for most people to function properly throughout the day. Myth: Abdominal sit-ups and crunches is key to losing belly fat.Fact: Sit-ups and crunches may help strengthen your inner abs. But it’s not the key to ultimately lose the belly fat covering that abs. What use is it to have great abs if it’s covered in a layer of fat? So what types of exercises should you do? Cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, or aerobics will help you lose that unwanted belly fat. Weight training can also help you lose body fat because the more muscle mass you have, the more ability your system has to burn body fat.Follow these 3 great tips to lose belly fat – eat smaller meals 5 to 6 times a day, get enough sleep, and engage in cardiovascular and weight training exercises. If you do, you’ll be leaner and sexier sooner than you may expect.
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