is new year resolution to lose weight ?

if your new year resolution is to lose weight
how for do u believe you can lose?

i am not asking about how many kg you
want to lose but how
many kg u believe you can lose?

are you able to imagine that you are now in your dream
or ideal weight?

ya, thats the first step for you to do

if you want something in life, be it have a BMW car or
luxury house or size zero body . The first step for you to
do is imagine and act as if you already in your ideal

from now on, remember to act as if you are already in your
perfect weight.
if you act like that , automaticaly the brain will make you
to make more effort to move and burn those fat. it will also
try to eat more fruits and vegetable or rather much more
healthy than you already are.


How To Get Skinny Fast

By: Cheow Yu Yuan

To get skinny really fast, you need to have a strong desire in getting skinny. Nothing in this world can be achieved without sheer determination and hard work. If you want something so badly, in order to get it, you need to focus and determined to get skinny.

To successfully get skinny, there are 2 tasks that you need to fulfil. The first task is that you need to make a commitment to exercise consistently. Exercise can be in the form of sports such as badminton or football, or slow jog in the park. The second task is that you need to make a commitment to dieting. If you can fulfil the 2 tasks above, you definitely be able to shed those extra fats around your waist. Let us talk more about the 2 tasks in detailed above.

Exercising consistently allows your body to have a higher metabolism rate, which in turn burn fats faster. If you drink lots of water and eat right, you will not need to spend more than 30 minutes of good exercise, 3 times a week. The key here is to stick to your exercise timetable, which is 3 times a week. One way to stick to your exercise timetable is for you to find a buddy and have him or her to exercise with you. With a buddy around, you will be more committed to your exercise schedule.

Eating right is the most important step in getting skinny. You may think that by not eating, you will become skinny. However, nothing is further from the truth. By skipping meals, you are confusing your body! When you never eat, your body get used to surviving in a starvation mode. Then when you start to eat, your body now needs to work harder to burn the food. But at the same time, your body will keep some food and store as fats, so as to prepare for your next starvation. With this kind of confusion, it is no surprise that you cannot get skinny.

What you need to do is very simple. Do not skip meal and eat! Increase the number of meals every day, but have smaller portion of food for each meal. In each meal, make sure that there are vegetables and fruits, so as to help in your digestions.

Sometimes, the reason why you cannot become skinny is that your body has too much toxic. When your body takes in too many impurities such as dirty air and cigarettes smoke, it will protect you by storing them into fats. This is why sometimes you will feel bloated and makes your stomach feel uncomfortable.

The solution for this is to detoxify your fat cells. Take in more fruits juice such as banana juice, and ginger tea which will help to detoxify your fat cells.

To get skinny, it all starts from your state of mind. If you are determined enough to lose weight, you can do it as long as you preserver through the plan that you have set. Be committed and stay focus to your goal. When you are determined to do something, you will find solutions to problems, and getting skinny is just another easy problem for you to solve.

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Seven Exercises For Losing Weight

By: Bernice Eker

The best exercises for losing weight are a combination of both cardio-aerobic and strength training. Large muscle groups like gluteal, abs and quadriceps muscles are among the muscle that is generally used in cardiovascular or aerobic exercises.

In cardio routines walking, stepping, jogging and cycling are the popular exercises that involve the lower body. There are some cardio training such as elliptical training, power walking, rowing and swimming that involve total body workouts. To improve quality of life strength, muscle strength and promote overall health resistance or weight training workouts are created.

Weight lifting and body-building differs if the focus is to improve the core body power and muscular fitness. Weight lifting goal is to lift the heaviest weights while body building aims to develop large muscles and lowers body fat. Exercises for losing weight longer than 20 minutes at the correct heart rate can burn body fat and help gain the weight that a person desired.

There are seven exercises for losing weight, if this done in the proper way a person can have his desired weight in a shorter period of time.

Cardio training warm up exercises include light walking on treadmill for 10 minutes and floor stretches for 5 minutes. It will help stretch out the back, arms, neck and legs. 20 minutes on stationary bike can be incorporated in exercises on treadmill. To cool down exercises it is best to have a 5 minutes of slow rowing and 5 minutes of stretching especially the legs and arms. Other cardio exercises are cardio and strength training warm up exercises, swimming training warm up exercise, strength training warm up exercises, cardio and strength training warm up exercises.

These exercises can be done within 7 days and can be repeated until a person achieved his desired weight. Usually a rest should be done on the sixth day to avoid overuse of the muscle. Additional exercises can be done at home to maintain the intensity or power of the muscle. In every set of exercises warming up is important before starting each day's strength training or cardiovascular workout.

To gradually increase the heart rate and body temperature it is important that a person must warm up first. It will prepare the muscles and joints for action and flexes the body for the next workout. Cooling down after workout is important to gradually lower the heart rate and reduces the risk of injury and soreness of the muscle.

Exercises for losing weight should be done properly to achieve the desired weight without harming the body and the muscles. Balanced diet during exercises is also important to have a healthy body. There is a wrong notion that if a person wants to lose weight he must not eat too much. The reality is that the body needs more protein in order to replace the destroyed calories in the body. Protein is important in building muscle. The body requires 15% of calories from protein to maintain a healthy diet while losing weight. If a person wants to lose weight through exercises always bear in mind that it must be incorporated with proper diet.

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loss weight

Many people want to loss weight but do you really have to lose weight or just tone up your body?
Of course there are tons of people who have to do something to loss weight for health reason but there are also who are within the healthy weight range who think they need to loss weight.
they are not aneroxic but they have the wrong thinking or rather don know the fact.

so if you are trying to loss weight ,which category are you in?


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